Map of the Colorado River
Little Gore Canyon
Whitewater near Winter Park
rafting close to Granby
Jump Rock
snacks on the Mighty Upper

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The Colorado River
Starting out at over 10,000 feet above sea level, the Colorado River makes a 1,450 mile journey from the high peaks of the Rocky Mountain National Park to the Gulf of California in Mexico. Ancient in age,(5,000,000 years old) the Colorado River landscaped the countryside, forging the Grand Canyon in its path. The Colorado River basin has been inhabited by humans for over 8,000 years.
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The Mighty Upper Colorado River
We run our trips on the Mighty Upper section of the Colorado River, located 14 miles outside of the town of Kremmling. It is rated at mild to moderate on the stretch we run. Perfect for families and first time rafters, guests get to enjoy easy rapids with no experience needed. Those looking for white-knuckle rapids will want to seek out more advanced stretches of river.

Half Day Trips -
Our half day trips begin at Pumphouse and end at Radium. We raft through the Little Gore Canyon, covering 5 miles of river, rafting through class I,II, and III level rapids. We pass historical land marks and make a stop at the famous Jump Rock, where thousands of rafters have made a leap of faith off a 20ft plus cliff. We will also make a stop at one of the many federally owned camp sites to have some refreshments.

Full Day Trips -
Our full day trips begin at Pumphouse and end at Rancho Del Rio. We cover a total of 12 miles of river on the full day trip. In addition to rafting the Little Gore Canyon, we also raft the Red Gore Canyon, making our way through Yarmony Rapid. We stop for a full riverside lunch on this trip.

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